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Welcome Back CUPE 8443 Members!

It seemed as though the summer flew by in an instant and here we are starting out another school year. I hope and trust everyone got some downtime with friends and family to have a bit of a rest. In our busy lives and the stress that we undergo from the increasing pressure of our workplaces, time to relax and take care of ourselves is important.

With the new year starting, your union executive is preparing and executing plans for the oncoming year. We have had one meeting already in late August to prepare for the upcoming general meeting on September 8th, 10am at Walter Murray Cafeteria. As well we are making plans for the first part of the year. This meeting is an important one for you all to attend as we will be discussing bargaining, the Education Workers Steering Committee, our new billboards and our ongoing campaign to highlight our local as education leaders in the province. We are going to be serving coffee and donuts at the beginning of the meeting and pizza near the end. It is important we have good attendance at this meeting as we have a large issue concerning our affiliation to the Education Workers Steering Committee and how we can be of instrumental change to the work that committee does on the provincial level with the government, whom we all know, funds education. Please come out to the meeting and be a part of this change.

This Fall I will be working 11am to 7pm in order to overlap shifts within our board. I will be heading out to schools during the day and in the evenings. Executive members will be accompanying me during some of these visits. Our goal is to see each building twice a year. If you would like to book a visit please email Dene Nicholson (dene3153@gmail.com).

You may have seen the video billboard on Circle Drive and Avenue C as you drive from Confederation to Idylwyld Drive. There is a rotation of 6 ads and we are one of them. We also will have static billboards on Central Ave. and on Idylwyld and 20th Street, which are expected to be up any day now.

*** UPDATE *** DUE TO WEATHER THE BBQ IS CANCELLED. On September 15th we will be hosting a free BBQ for the public in Friendship Park on 19th Street and Broadway (on the west side of the river at the bottom of the Broadway Bridge). CUPE Saskatchewan will be supplying food and the supplies, as well as helping us out with cooking and prepping. Thanks CUPE Saskatchewan! We are extending a welcome to all the education locals in and around Saskatoon to take part as a show of solidarity. We are always looking for volunteers or if you wish, just come on down for a burger and have some fun! We will be handing out pamphlets to educate the public about our local and what we do for our employer and for students. Make sure you bring the whole family!

It will be a busy year as usual and with the added pressures from the employer and under-funding of education from the government it is going to be a tough and busy year. Please be safe, take care of each other, and in times of stress, pull together as one. Your union and your union executive is behind you. Your concerns are our concerns. Please don’t hesitate to get a hold of the appropriate executive member for your concerns. Here is a link to a list of your executive. https://8443.cupe.ca/about-us/your-executive/ .

Have a great year!
Scott Barrett
CUPE 8443 President
CUPE Saskatchewan Vice President

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 Our Next General Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for October 3rd at 7 pm
at the Mount Royal Cafeteria.

Refreshments will be served!

The Local will reimburse babysitting expenses up to $20 per Union meeting attended, outside of the member’s regular work hours, provided an expense voucher is submitted with receipt.

(Receipts cannot be from a spouse.)