Your Executive

Position Name E-Mail Addresses Location Phone Number
President Scott Barrett CUPE Office
1007-201 21st Street East
Vice President
Dene Nicholson Egnatoff/ Willowgrove Libraries 306-683-7193
Vice President
Chief Shop Steward
Donna Nelson Wildwood 306-683-7500
Secretary Treasurer Mark Poitras IS Dept
Recording Secretary


Carole-Anne Wilson

Clayton Wilson 

Marion Graham

IS Department



Shop Steward Jasen Markwart Maintenance Office
Ave G
306 227 6882
 Shop Steward Daelene Guttormson Central Office
 Shop Steward open
Shop Steward Darrell Janzen Floater
Shop Steward Erin Rosin (Maclean) John Dolan
Shop Steward Bob Kardal 306-230-6252
 Shop Steward Charlotte Sopatyk
Shop Steward Sandra Sobottka IS Department
Social Chair Marcia Ray
Occupational Health & Safety Chair Larry Martin Tommy Douglas
Pensions & Benefits Chair Alex Akoulov
Scholarship Chair Nicole Boschman Confederation Park
Education Chair Chyanna Goodwin Chief Whitecap
Trustee (3 year) James Bearden Brownell School 306-683-7120
Trustee (2 year) Ryan Wiebe Evan Hardy 306-683-7460
Trustee (1 year) Grant Kimpton

Negotiations Committee 2020

Negotiations Steering Committee 2020

  • Chairperson to be elected from the executive in the upcoming months

We are looking for interested members, from a variety of job classifications, to join this committee. If you would like more information or to join please contact the chairperson.

Budget Committee 2020

  • to be elected

Good and Wellness

To contact a member of the executive click on their name to open an email link. You may need to hold the “ctrl” key and click depending on your operating system.