Your Executive

Your Executive

Position Name E-Mail Addresses Location
President Dene Nicholson CUPE Office          1007-201 21st Street E.  CUPE Cell                306-220-6152
Vice President Communications Sandra Sobottka  Central Office –              I.S. Department
Vice President Chief Steward Donna Nelson Wildwood
Secretary Treasurer Corina Macleod Lakeview
Recording Secretary  Carole-Anne Wilson Roland Mitchener/Howard Coad Libraries
Member Officer Nicole Tran Mount Royal
Steward Charlotte Sopatyk Evan Hardy
Steward Bob Kardal Chief Whitecap
Steward Dexter Melgar Tommy Douglas
Steward  Darrell Janzen Floater
Steward Louie Tud Westmount
Steward Rob Westfield Bedford Road
Steward Jasen Markwart Maintenance/Ave G
Steward Steve Hitchings Caroline Robins
Steward Christine Chalmers Fairhaven
Steward Stephanie Jorgenson Vincent Massey
Social Chair Mark Poitras Central Office-            I.S. Department
Occupational Health & Safety Chair Colin Claxton  Maintenance/Ave G
Pensions & Benefits Chair Alex Akoulov King George
Scholarship Chair Michelle Beswitherick Fairhaven/Westmount
Education Chair Vacant
Trustee James Bearden Brownell School
Trustee Tom Jo Central Office
Trustee Grant Kimpton Silverwood Heights

Negotiations Committee 2020-2021

Negotiations Steering Committee 2020

  • Chairperson to be elected from the executive in the upcoming months

We are looking for interested members, from a variety of job classifications, to join this committee. If you would like more information or to join please contact the chairperson.

Budget Committee 2020-2021

  • Mark Poitras
  • Carole-Anne Wilson
  • Clayton Wilson
  • Carla Evans
  • Bob Kardal

Good and Wellness

To contact a member of the executive click on their name to open an email link. You may need to hold the “ctrl” key and click depending on your operating system.