Education Assistance

We strive to help our members continue their education for the betterment of their position with the employer. Therefore we will reimburse a portion of the cost of tuition to the member. The bylaws that govern this assistance are below in Section 15. If you meet the criteria to qualify for assistance the steps to claim this benefit are listed in Section 15:03.



15.01 CUPE Local 8443 will provide education assistance for the purpose of attending workshops, courses or educationals for its members in the total amount of two thousand five-hundred dollars ($2,500) per year.

Monies not used by the end of the year of the original two-thousand five-hundred dollars ($2,500) will remain part of the Union Treasury.  The following year will begin with the initial amount of two-thousand five-hundred dollars ($2,500) offered to members as outlined in 15.02 and 15.03.

Should the amount of the allocated two-thousand five-hundred dollars ($2,500) be exhausted for that year, additional applications for education assistance will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  For the purposes of this bylaw, a year shall be defined as a calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

15.02 The terms and conditions under which monies will be awarded are:

a) That the workshop or course be directly related to the member’s job.

b) That the applicant must have successfully completed the workshop or course.

c) That the applicant must first have applied for reimbursement from the School Division’s Professional Development Fund / Tuition Assistance Fund and have been declined or partially declined the total cost of the workshop or course.

d) That the registration or cost of attending the workshop or course be reimbursed to the applicant up to a maximum of two-hundred and fifty dollars ($250).

e) When workshops or courses are attended out of town, receipts for accommodation and mileage will be considered.

f) That a member may apply for one (1) reimbursement per year for a workshop or course.

g) That the applicant must be in good standing with the Local (B.8.3 as defined under the CUPE Constitution as having membership fees paid to date).

h) That the application for assistance be submitted within six (6) months of course completion.

15.03 The following information must be submitted in person to the Recording Secretary at a general meeting.  Under exceptional circumstances, when a member is unable to attend any general membership meetings within the six (6) month period, that member may request an executive member submit his/her application to the executive for approval to be presented at the next general membership meeting.

a) Letter of application.

b) Copy of the applicable Saskatoon Public Schools (SPS) form for Professional Development Funds as approved or denied by SPS.

c) A photocopy of the original receipt, initialed by the requesting member.

d) Any additional receipts or invoices must be submitted with the request for funds.

e) Where applicable, proof of successful completion of workshop, course or educational is requested.

f) Application to be approved by the general membership at a general meeting.