CUPE Local 8443 has several committees to assist the Executive in carrying out the business of the local.  Here is a list of the committees.  Elections are held each year, check the current bylaws for the election process of the committee chairs and the year in which the election is held.  Some committees chairs and their members are appointed by the executive or filled from the membership if not enough members are present to elect committee members.

Executive committee – President;  Vice President and Chief Shop Steward; Vice-President-Communications; Secretary-Treasurer; Recording Secretary; Sergeant at Arms; Shop Stewards

Labour Management – President; both VP’s; Recording Secretary; two members at large as appointed by the executive

Bylaws committee- Chair Person; members at large (this is an AD Hoc committee)

Budget committee-Chair Person; and 5 elected members at large

Trustees (Financial Audit committee)- Three year, two year, and one year Trustee

Social Committee – One elected Chair; and four additional members

Shop Steward Committee- Chief Shop Steard and maximum 10 shop stewards, elected

Negotiations Committee- President, as Chair; Vice President Chief Shop Steward; Recording Secretary and three other elected members

Negotiating steering committee- Chair – Vice President Communications; up to five members at large as appointed by the executive

Education and Professional Development committee – chairperson and up to eight additional members

Occ Health & Safety Committee- two members including the elected chairperson

Pensions & Benefits – up to 4 members including the elected chairperson

Scholarship Committee – Elected Chairperson and up to four additional members

Ad Hoc committees – formed as needed by election of the members or appointment by the executive.