Employment Insurance Information

Please read the Saskatchewan 2015 Information package from Service Canada before filing your E.I. Claim.  It is important to note that several members have been contacted by Service Canada on recent claims.  Service Canada is requesting Job Resumes and a list of Job Searches from E.I. Claimants.  Remember to keep such information handy should you be contacted by Service Canada regarding your E.I. Claim.

You may seek assistance for your claim from the Unemployed Worker’s Help Centre in Saskatoon and Regina. 

Saskatoon  phone number is 306-382-8662.

For those claiming E.I Benefits during the Summer lay off

  • ROEs are sent for all 10 month employees during the summer lay off, you do NOT need to request one.
  • There is no reference code or group code anymore. Apply as normal
  • There are no paid stats during the summer lay off.
  • Return to work date is August 26th.

Please direct all questions and inquiries about your claim to Service Canada.

  • Here is an example of how to calculate hourly rate with vacation pay included:

Jane is an EA and gets paid 21.79/hour, earns holiday pay at 3/52 (3 weeks) and is 86% (6.02 hr day):

  1. $21.79 x 3/52 = $1.26 per hour vacation pay
  2. $21.79 + $1.26 = $ 23.05 per hour with vacation pay included
  3. $23.05 x 6.02 = $138.76 daily rate
  4. $138.76 x 5 = $693.80 weekly rate